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*Reviews taken from Maven BJJ's facebook page

"If your worried that you need to be fit to start BJJ, don't be - it's one of a few sports where there is no ideal size, weight or fitness level. You will become fit when you train.

If your worried about ego's and not knowing anyone or don't have a martial arts background then don't worry anymore, Dan and the team are all welcoming and very friendly and all are welcomed from a complete novice through to a Black belt!

The training drills and coaching are second to none - you learn from the best in a friendly, yet focused environment.
I genuinely cannot recommend this club enough - don't believe me, come try for yourself, you won't regret it!" - Andy Saunders from Woking

"I was a little bit apprehensive at first as a female joining a predominately male club but the guys are all really welcoming and quickly felt like I was part of the Maven family. It’s great to train with people that are genuinely interested in helping you improve.

It’s definitely challenging and you have good days and bad days but the bad days are what keep you coming back!

Can’t recommend this place enough, great teaching and friendly faces". - Becky Lennon from Walton

"I am 39 years old who works in an office looking at a PC screen all day long. I used to drink between 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day to keep up with work. I thought my fitness wasn’t too bad; I was capable of running 10k and was visiting the GYM for weight lifting twice at week. However, my blood pressure was 136 – 89 and I was slightly overweight. I start getting bored of the GYM and the weather was not making my running enjoyable.

Therefore, I decided to try BJJ with Dan so that I could exercise while learning something new. I was not looking for glory in the UFC octagon but for an interesting way of improving my health.

I did Martial Arts 20 years ago but I was doubtful if I could start again. Most people would think that BJJ is for the young but I can affirm by my own experience that this isn’t true. I have come across a very friendly group of people, the vibe in the GYM is amazing, everybody seems to be willing to teach you how to get the technique right and differing from other Martial Arts, I have not seem any ego from the more advance guys who train in there. Conversely, these guys keep encouraging me to be better and make me feel part of a team.

The first couple of lessons just show me that the GYM kept me strong but BJJ was about being tougher. I have to say, my body hasn’t ever been working to this level of demand. It has been only over a month that I have been training with Dan but I have already started to feel a lot of benefits. My blood pressure went down to 120 – 80 (Measure at wake up), my coffee intake went down to one cup a day as I just feel more energetic, therefore, I don’t need the caffeine shot anymore. I feel so happy with the decision to start practising BJJ and doing it in the right place with the right team. If you feel my history match yours, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to Dan, he will be able to explain you more about what BJJ is about and what it can do for your health." - Christian Lendewig from Woking

"Really great class - at the age of 37 and not having done any martial arts training in years (and never having done BJJ before) I was quite nervous about trying something so different, but Dan quickly put me at ease and with a mix of ages and abilities this is definitely a style of martial arts open to anyone and Maven BJJ is a group welcoming to everyone." - Simon Griffiths from Woking

"Great training atmosphere, lesson was excellently structured and techniques brilliantly explained.
I did not pack my gi on time as I was traveling and Dan brought me his own gi to train in.
Highly suggested club. Thanks Dan and Andrew. Regards from Malta." - Charlon Brincat from Malts

"I usually spend most of my spare time either eating or on a gaming console. I was recommended to Dan's/Andy's class by my friend Scott. After a month there, my overall fitness is increasing and I am loving learning new techniques among friendly people." - Rory Doyle from Chertsey

"Amazing atmosphere, and genuinely nice people. Everyone is willing to help. Recommend to anyone wanting to get into Jiu Jitsu, or just improve their fitness." - Scott Newman from Woking

“Dan is extremely knowledgeable and patient with a real talent for teaching. His professional expertise in the fitness industry synergises well with his instructing. I brought a friend to one of his classes recently who was sporting an ankle injury and Dan was able tailor advice to him so he was able to fully engage in the class without endangering the injury. I have had the good fortune to have trained with world champions in BJJ and Olympians in Judo and I would highly recommend Maven BJJ.” – Jadon Ortlepp from Woking

“Found Maven BJJ just over a year ago and haven't looked back. Great atmosphere, great people & all round good place to train!” – Mat Kingston from Woking

“Excellent one to one coaching, friendly atmosphere and good team building” – Harris Michael from Chertsey

“Best martial arts class in Woking. I have tried various classes in and around Woking, but none of them grabbed me by the collar quite like Maven BJJ did. I am now a regular member of the class and with Dan the instructor's considered and passionate approach to teaching I hope to start competing with the rest of the team.” – Jack Morgan

"Brilliant school, great atmosphere and awesome teacher!!!!" – Humaad Sheikh from Woking

“ I started training in BJJ with Maven (team Andy Roberts) in Woking under Dan Geoghegan around 4-5 months ago. I have dabbled in many martial arts over the years; I got my little black belt in karate at the age of 14, did some Kung Fu, Muay Thai and "MMA" classes etc... All as a total amateur, just for fun...

I can safely say that all of my previous experience was rendered 100% useless the minute I first rolled with one/all of Dan's students. It was a massacre. But a fun one.

Everyone at the Woking class is extremely friendly and laid back. If you're nervous about some ninja student ripping your head off, don't be; you're free to go at your own speed and no one wants to injure anyone.

That being said, it is heavy going "exercise"-wise. Classes begin with a through warm up that involves somewhat bizzare moves (such as "shrimping") that you'll later realise have an entirely practical application. You'll also realise you've worked muscles that you didn't realise existed before.

next you'll be paired up and Dan runs us through a few techniques to practise or "drill". The techniques of BJJ are simple to understand but challenging to master so the aim is to take in a little bit of information that you can retain, then focus on applying everything on the mat because the rest of the class is rolling; where you work on all your technique and tapping skills.

As a white belt I've realised that it's not about winning. At least I better hope it's not... You have to be prepared to drop your ego off at the door and just enjoy learning. Dan's an amazing teacher and I cant recommend Maven strongly enough! I look forward to progressing with the club and being as good as the guys I roll with.” – Barnaby Thomas from Woking

“Always an awesome atmosphere at Maven BJJ, great training and brilliant teaching!!” – Ali Mohammed from Woking

“The best way to get in shape without even trying!” – Anthony Crook from Weybridge

“This is one of my favourite places to be, doing one of my favourite things. The teaching and practice with the other students is constantly evolving my ability to choke and not get choked. I'm addicted.” – Doug Martin from Weybridge

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