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Dan Geoghegan

Dan Geoghegan is a BJJ Black Belt under his long time instructor, Andy Roberts and multiple time World Champion, Roger Gracie.

Dan is also a current National Masters and a current IBJJF London Fall Open Black Belt Champion.

He is the Head Instructor at Maven BJJ in Woking and has trained in Brazil multiple times.

Dan has tremendous passion for BJJ and this will come through in his teaching of the Art. Dan teaches in all programs at Maven (from Children's programs all the way to Advanced Adults

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Dean Ellwood

Dean Ellwood is a BJJ Brown Belt under Dan Geoghegan and an instructor for the junior classes.

Dean has trained in a variety of martial arts and trained in mixed martial arts and no gi grappling from 2012 to 2016. He was even on a TV show as part of a fight choreography team! In 2016, Dean started training in Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has progressed incredibly quickly.

Dean very much enjoys helping the children improve and is a valuable member of the team.



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Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis is a BJJ Purple Belt under Dan Geoghegan and an instructor for the children's classes. Peter started martial arts to become healthier and fitter.

Peter's strong passion for BJJ is evident and he is great with the kids having an extensive background in scouting. Peter's wife and children also train Brazilian Jiu Jiu at Maven.

Liking to test himself, Peter has competed in a charity MMA bout in which he won by submission and has also successfully competed numerous times in BJJ competitions.



Jamie Sumsion

Jamie is a purple belt under Dan Geoghegan and an instructor for junior classes.

Jamie works as a secondary school teacher and has previously trained and instructed for 20+ years in Japanese Jujitsu, as well as having trained in Judo, Karate and Aikido.

Jamie is an excellent teacher and has successfully competed at every belt level.

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